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Appraisal Ordering News

Effective May 1st, 2017 AmWest is using the Mercury Network for appraisal ordering. Mercury is not an AMC - it is a sophisticated ordering platform that brings together the Lender, the Broker, and the AMC. Loan processors and loan officers will access Mercury either through BytePro, the AmWest Retail site or go directly to our Mercury site.

The Mercury platform replaces the current procedure of placing orders directly with an AMC. As of May 1, 2017, AmWest will require use of the Mercury platform. Mercury organizes all of your appraisal orders in one place and provides a secure platform to pay for appraisals and communicate about your orders. Enjoy these other benefits, too:

  • Just one login and password – no more logging in to separate AMCs.
  • One-stop site for all parties to post requests, documents, and comments - keeping communication between loan officer, broker, processor, the AMC and AmWest all in one place.
  • Send notes with special requests such as an appointment for a certain day, quick turn-time or appraisal fee limit.
  • Set up auto-email notifications that meet your needs so you and your team are always in the loop on the status of orders.
  • Predictable appraisal fees to provide certainty in disclosures.
  • Place orders 24 / 7.
  • Receive friendly and responsive support.